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Post Office Travel Money Card

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What is Travel Money Card?

Travel money cards look like a credit or debit card. They are issued by special money changing companies such as Post Office, and allow you to preload the money from your bank account on the card fixed on that day’s exchange rate. Many people think that the current Euro / Sterling rate is attractive from € 1.24 to £ 1. But others think that it can go to € 1.30 – or it can easily go back to € 1.15. With a prepaid card, you get the rate of the day when you change your cash.

It is easy to hold a card for anyone with a UK bank account. You usually apply online, select the currency in which you want to mark your card, load it with money from your current account and wait for it to arrive in the post: usually five to seven days later. You can check your balance top up online by phone or in some cases, by text.

Travel money card

If you are a regular traveler, then travel money card is a simple, safe, hassle-free way to pay.A prepaid card that stores 13 currencies, it is accepted at 36 million locations in more than 200 countries.Check your balance, go to the top and swap the currencies online or from our mobile app. And if your card is lost or stolen, we’ll change it in only 24 hours.Order online or in branch.

Small Travel Money Order? Buy in the branch

If you need less than £ 400, then pop in one of our 11,500 UK branches – and there is no minimum order while shopping at the branch.There are many open hours – from 7.30am to 10.30am or even on Sunday.And many of his major branches have dedicated Travel Money Counter.

How to use Travel Money Card?

Your travel money card works the same as your normal debit card it can be used in retailers who accept ATMs and online along with MasterCard. Card Chip and PIN are enabled which means that when you complete the transaction you will be asked to input your PIN. There is also a contactless work for small transactions, the amount is determined by the country of use and can vary for each country. (Maximum 3 contactless payments) Some countries, including the United States, do not use chip and PIN, it means that you can be asked to sign in for your purchase instead of entering your PIN. Please note: If retailers have the ability to use chip and pin, then we will only accept chip and pin transactions.

Why you choose Post Office Travel Money Card Option?

British Travel Awards In 2016 and 2017, Post Office Money was chosen as the ‘Best Forex Exchange / Travel Money Retailer’ – and not the first time. The UK is the real vote of confidence by the public. No wonder they processed a foreign currency transaction in 2016 and 2017 every four seconds.

About Post Office Travel Money Card Benefits:

Post Office prepaid MasterCard stores up to 13 different currencies. This company have their own mobile app which is lets you top-up, check your balance, and see recent transactions. They have online servicing account for picking money or for exchange between currencies. Post Office travel money card provide you quick low cost shopping with any difficulty. Post Office travel money card accepted in 36 million places in more than 200 countries. You easily get this card for post office branch, just bring a valid UK passport or driver’s license. Post Office Travel money card limit is up to £50 and £5,000. They have lost or stolen cards policy. In this policy, if you lost your card then they block your card on your request and send a new one to your home or holiday address.

Those 13 countries are:

  1. Euro (EUR)
  2. US Dollar (USD)
  3. Swiss Franc (CHF)
  4. South African Rand (ZAR)
  5. Australian Dollar (AUD)
  6. Pound Sterling (GBP)
  7. Polish Zloty (PLN)
  8. Canadian Dollar (CAD)
  9. Thai Baht (THB)
  10. Turkish Lira (TRY)
  11. New Zealand Dollar (NZD)
  12. UAE Dirham (AED)
  13. Croatian Kuna (HRK)


Why exchange rates change day by day?

When currency demand goes up or down, tourist exchange rates change.Demand may change for a variety of reasons, such as increasing business activity or increasing interest rates in the country.According to the exchange rate at the time of purchase, the amount of travel will vary from day to day.

You can also check out Travel Money Live Rates to get  the best exchange rate offers.

Post Office can ensure you that you are getting the best value of your money:

You can avoid currency exchange counters at airports, stations and hotels. Although they are convenient, they offer the worst rates. To ensure that you are getting a favorable rate, order your currency in advance. The best rate guarantee does not always equal the best price. See full service on offer. Find options to buy back your unused currency of branch pickups, home delivery or offers. Their foreign exchange service offers all this more.

Post office gives you some offer:

They buy back on any holiday money that you did not spend and used to sell foreign currency in all post office money branches.

For example:

If you have cash foreign amount: 5000

Then they will give you £4098.36 (with today price £1 = 1.22 EUR)

Post Office Travel Money Card gives you two option to buy Travel Money and they are:

  1. Collect form branch from 7.30 AM to 10.30 Pm and sometimes on Sunday also.
  2. Home delivery with some conditions and these conditions are:
  • If you order worth £500 or more then home delivery is free.
  • Or if you order under £500 then they charge£4.99 for home delivery.

In Travel Money card Post Office give you Holiday Costs Barometer 2019 and they are:

The 12th Annual Holiday Cost Barometer, which compares prices in 19 of Europe’s most popular beach resorts, shows a large difference in the price of tourists’ staples – especially food and drinks. The prices researched by Post Office Travel Money in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria were less than half of the two-thirds of the survey resorts!

The main findings include:
  • Sunny Beach of Bulgaria is the best price destination for the fifth year to run. Prices for nine barometer items are at least 36% less than any of the Eurozone destinations surveyed, with Black Sea deals being a good option for predator hunters.
  • Marmaris is a resort in Turkey where the pound would have spread far enough to be one year ago, because of the increase in sterling against the Turkish Lira, which has reduced prices by 20% compared to 2018.
  • Algarve is once again the cheapest Eurozone destination, although Spain’s Costa del Sol is roaming on its heels.
  • Do your vacation homework and check prices before booking. Resort swapping for cheap resorts within Spain, Portugal, Greece and Croatia can save you money.

For example:

Cup of coffee
£.0.71 £1.40 £0.62 £1.25
Bottle of local beer/lager
£.071 £2.21 £.0.98 £2.23
Bottle/can of coca cola
£.0.95 £1.30 £1.16 £1.69
Glass of wine
£1.19 £2.23 £1.11 £2.23
1.5 litter still mineral water bottle
£0.38 £0.24 £0.18 £0.35
SPF 15, international brand
£.2.38 £6.68 £4.45 £4.41
Insect repellent
£2.38 £1.86 £5.16 £2.76
2 course lunch for 2 people
(no drinks)
£8.56 £9.31 £15.88 £16.05
3 course evening meal for 2
(including a bottle of house wine)
£26.18 £31.65 £38.70 £40.58
TOTAL COSTS £43.44 £56.88 £68.24 £71.55


Price based on this rate list:

Spend £400+ £500+ £1000+
Euro 1.0749 1.0860 1.0871
US Dollar 1.2235 1.2361 1.2374
Australian Dollar 1.6815 1.6885 1.6902
UAE Dirham 4.4128 4.4267 4.4383
Swiss Franc 1.2024 1.2086 1.2099


Post Office Top-up Limits, fees and rates:


Top up

Minimum- 50 GBP (Same for All)

Maximum- 5,000 GBP (Same for All)

Maximum Balance: 10,000 GBP (Same for All)

Annual- 30,000 GBP (Same for All)


Pound Sterling

Cash Withdrawal

Max single Withdrawal -300 GBP

Withdrawal Charges- 1.50 GBP

Us Dollar

Cash Withdrawal

Max single Withdrawal -500 USD

Withdrawal Charges- 2.50 USD

Australian Dollar

Cash Withdrawal

Max single Withdrawal -700 AUD

Withdrawal Charges- 3 AUD

New Zealand Dollar

Cash Withdrawal

Max single Withdrawal -750 NZD

Withdrawal Charges- 3.5 NZD

South African Rand

Cash Withdrawal

Max single Withdrawal -6500 ZAR

Withdrawal Charges- 330 NZD

Turkish Lira

Cash Withdrawal

Max single Withdrawal -1500 TRY

Withdrawal Charges- 7 TRY

Canadian Dollar

Cash Withdrawal

Max single Withdrawal -600 CAD

Withdrawal Charges- 3 CAD

Polish Zloty

Top up

Cash Withdrawal

Max single Withdrawal -1700 PLN

Withdrawal Charges- 8.50 PLN

Swiss Franc

Top up

Cash Withdrawal

Max single Withdrawal -500 CHF

Withdrawal Charges- 2.50 CHF

UAE Dirham

Cash Withdrawal

Max single Withdrawal -1700 AED

Withdrawal Charges- 8.50 AED

Croatian Kuna

Cash Withdrawal

Max single Withdrawal -3500 HRK

Withdrawal Charges- 15 HRK

Thai Baht

Cash Withdrawal

Max single Withdrawal -1700 THB

Withdrawal Charges- 80 THB


Cash Withdrawal

Max single Withdrawal -450 EUR

Withdrawal Charges- 2 EUR

Post Office provide you Same Day Collection Option with some condition and there conditions are:

  • Travel Money Online website can provide same day collection option. The terms of the following day apply in relation to the collection orders that day.
  • The same day collection is available only from the post office branches.
  • The same day collection is subject to currency availability in those participating post office branches.
  • The same day collection is limited to only euro and US dollar notes.
  • On the same day collection per order is limited to maximum 1 currency.
  • Before 09.00, the orders placed on Mon-Fri (excluding bank holidays) will be available for collection after 11.00 on the same working day.
  • After Monday 09.00 on Monday, at 14 a.m. (13:00 p.m. on Saturdays), orders for issuing orders on Mon-Fri (except on bank holidays) will be available after two hours.
  • After 14.00, orders placed on Mon-Fri (except for bank holidays) will be available next week after 11:00.
  • The order placed on Saturn, Sun or Bank Holiday will be available next week after 11:00.
  • The right to cancel, suspend or modify the collection service on the same day without any information is reserved for the first rate exchange services.

Just click to Read More about travel money.

Some Question in your mind:

Processer for Payment

The amount you pay for your order will be paid in Sterling and calculated according to the total amount of the foreign currency you ordered and according to the relevant exchange rate specified in Section 5 (foreign currency and rates will be converted into sterling). You can pay for your order using most of the credit and debit cards issued in the United Kingdom (MasterCard, Visa) so that the card is registered on your name and there are enough funds available to cover your order and fees. Payment will be taken on your order day and should be visible on your payment card statement after three business days.

Your credit card issuer can charge interest and/or charge on credit because they consider it a cash advance. This is not a service charge by First Rate or Post office Limited and you acknowledge that there is no control of First Rate and Post Office® Limited and is not liable for such charges. If you want to pay by MasterCard Corporate or Visa Corporate Credit Card, a handling fee of 2% of the order value will be applied. This will be shown within your order summary. Should your order be canceled, the fund should be available in your account within the next 3 business days.

Charges on using Post Office Travel Card:

There is no charge while using your card in retailers in currency country on the card. This means that the purchase of €20 in Spain will cost you €20. Cash withdrawal fee will be charged from the UK Post Office branch or withdrawal of cash from any ATM. Post office travel money cards are mainly targeted for use in countries where the national currency is similar to the currency on your card, if the currency is outside any of the 13 provided on your card, then you are charged the customs duty Will go. For example, using your card in Brazil will cost the cross-border, because they do not offer Brazilians Real as currency. Wherever asked, to avoid unnecessary charges for your card, you must always pay for the goods or cash in the currency of your card. For example, if you are using a card in Spain then you should always choose to pay in Euros on giving a choice. In this example, the option of paying in Sterling will allow the trader to convert your transactions from Euro to Sterling. This would mean that your transaction has passed through two exchange rate conversions, which will increase the total cost of your transaction.

If your not spent all money on your Holiday:

Your card can be used worldwide so that you can keep money on your card for your next visit. Whenever you want you can take money from one currency to another. It can be transferred through your account on the website. If you want to withdraw money from your card, you can return to the UK Post Office branch or ATM (daily limitations and ATM fees will apply). If you have other currencies other than Pound sterling, then they will take money in your sterling wallet at the exchange rate of the day to provide up-to-date balance in Sterling.

Cons of Post Office Travel Money Card:

With a post office travel money card Holidaymaker is warned to clean cash machines abroad in this summer – because it can leave you hundreds of pounds of pockets. After using the firm’s flagship prepaid travel money card, in one week a streetwalker on an ATM machine warned a few days after paying £100 – the most popular in the market. In a statement, the post office said that at present, it is in the process of writing to all customers to provide free card related risks and fees – which charge around £1.91 for each ATM withdrawal made out of the UK.

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Post Office Company is a biggest Insurance company in UK and They also work in travel money. In this article first we tell you about What is Travel money and how its use? Then brief introduction about Post Office company and its services. After that we tell you about post office travel policy plan and its current price. “We tell to our readers that that’s rate is fluctuate according to market price”. And we also tell about their additional benefits and also we tell you about MONEY HOLIDAY COSTS BAROMETER price list and its extra charges. And please don’t forget to see the conditions. We also tell about Post Office cons on travel money. After reading full article you easily decide that this Travel Money Plan is best for you or not. Now Ball is on your corner, you will decide. Take Care and Save Journey.


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